Curse of the Crimson Throne

The Old Fishery

Session 2 - part 1

Arriving late in the evening, our heroes’ eyes, ears and, most importantly, noses were took in all the docks had to offer. As they passed downstream, the dry docks, storefronts and promenades gave way to abandoned warehouses, rotten timbers, worn out Caravels and seedy brothels. The fishery itself mirrored the squalor of the buildings around it.

A squat structure on stilts, extending into the river, surrounded by a wooden walkway, with lights and the sounds of labour coming from inside. Not to mention the awful stench of week old fish. Undeterred, Fingon knocked on the large double door on the front of the building, setting off the very loud guard dog. The door was opened by a weaselly looking man in ill-fitting but fine clothes, who told Fingon in no uncertain terms that they were closed. Meanwhile, Oskar and Varis attempted to follow the walkway around the side of the building. As the planks creaked ominously underfoot, drawing the attention of a rather large shark, they thought better of this plan and returned to shore.

Next, the party approached the loading dock at the side of the building. The dock was piled high with barrels containing a crude drawing of a fish on the side. Varis opened one of the barrels, and instantly regretted doing so as the stench hit him. Despite his earlier rebuff, Fingon knocked at the side door, still hoping to acquire some “fish”. Realising he just wasn’t going to get the message, the well dressed man attacked. Aided by a bulking half orc, and the aforementioned guard dog, the fight was swift and brutal.

The thugs were defeated, but not without casualties, as Varis lay unconscious on the dock while the others nursed there wounds. Searching the bodies of the deceased, Oskar found a number of coins, some keys and three vials of a green liquid. Proving that utter stupidity is the better part of valour, he drank one. As the acid burned his throat, Oskar managed to let out a pathetic whimper before collapsing in a heap. While Pious and Fingon debated what to do next, they heard a voice from deeper in the fishery. Failing to convince the owner of the voice that everything was okay, the two remaining heroes were attacked and quickly defeated by a single gnome…

We fade back to find the four heroes tied to pilings in a space below the fishery. Pious is the first to awaken. Breaking his bonds, he explores the space below, while the recently waked Oskar frees his companions. In a small bedroom off of their prison, Pious finds Gaedren’s personal stash of treasure, containing several pieces of valuable jewellery, including the Queen’s recently stolen brooch. He also finds the severed head of Zellara, dead at least a week, her harrow deck and two letters. One letter tells of an association between Gaedren, Devargo Barvasi, and the mysterious “G.A.”. The other tells of the disposal of an unwanted boy by the criminal known as Rolth, who refers to Gaedren as father.

Finding a trap door in the bedroom, Pious, Oskar, Varis and Fingon escape. At the last second, Oskar catches a glimpse of Gaedren and the gnome from earlier chasing after them. Oskar disappears into the crowd and heads for home, while the other three lie low in a pie shop belonging to Mrs Flitwick, an old friend of Pious. Our characters rest, weary and injured, until the following morning…



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